What You Should Know About Bucket-Wheel Excavator In Mining

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Sunday, 20 March 2016

What You Should Know About Bucket-Wheel Excavator In Mining

What You Should Know About Bucket-Wheel Excavator In Mining - A bucket-wheel excavator in mining is classified as heavy equipment which generally used in surface mining. The main function of this kind of excavator is acting as continuous digging machine in large-scale of open-pit mining operation. What makes bucket wheel excavator apart from the other mining equipment like bucket chain excavator is the usage of large wheel which consist of a continuous pattern of buckets which are used to scoop the materials as the wheel turns. Bucket wheel excavators are classified into the largest vehicle ever built.
Bucket-wheel excavator history
Over centuries, bucket wheel excavators have been used in mining with the first excavator was built in 1920. In general, they are used in conjunction with other mining machinery such as spreaders, conveyor belts, heap-leap systems and crushing stations. They are used to move as well as mining large amount of waste (overburden). Since the end of World War II, the size of them has grown drastically.
Furthermore, they have also advanced with respect to some extreme conditions in which they are capable to operate. Most of them are designed to operate in climates with low temperatures as low as -45°C.

The structure of bucket-wheel excavator
For your information, bucket-wheel excavator in mining consists of super structure to which some components are set. The bucket wheel on them is round and large enough with scoop configurations which are able to rotate and set to a boom. The materials are picked up through the cutting wheel which is transferred along the boom. A discharge boom predominantly receives materials throughout superstructure right from the boom and then carries them away from the machine, generally to conveyor systems.
The counterweight boom poises the cutting boom on the lower part of the structure or even in the upper part. In larger versions, they are also supported by cables which run crossways the tower at the top of the bucket wheel structure.
The movement system is laid underneath the superstructure. They are typically equipped with crawlers to increase motion flexibility. They are also able to rotate in vertical slewing. The slewing is driven by large gears that make us of a cable system.

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The bucket-wheel excavator’s automation need to be integrated with many electrical components and sensors like data acquisition system, online monitoring capabilities and also GPS. Those systems aim to take away some operator works to achieve higher speed in mining. The sensors are able to detect how much materials have been scooped to the conveyor belt and the automation system of bucket-wheel excavator in mining will vary the conveyor belt speed to feed a constant material amount.

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