Waste Management Methods to Preserve Nature

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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Waste Management Methods to Preserve Nature

Waste material generated from human activity must be managed well to reduce the impact on health and the beauty of the environment. Waste management of one country and another is usually different.

Waste management aims to restore the nature in order to look beautiful and healthy. It includes the specification of the waste material including solid liquid and gas.

Kinds of waste management.

There are several kinds of waste management methods that can be used, such as:
1.    Disposal
Waste management method with garbage disposal is simply burying the waste material under the ground. This method is the most popular one because of simple. It usually used unused lands such as the coal mined area.

2.    Recycling
This kind of waste management is using the waste material that still has an economic value in order to be made the material that can be used again.

3.    Reduction
Reducing waste material is the easiest way to reduce the waste material in the environment. It can be the way to avoiding the use of the goods that can make the waste material.

In underground mining, environmental damage is generally caused due to the presence of waste (tailings) produced in the process of refining the ore. Whereas, for the B3 do Cyanide detoxification (Cn) and drying.

Turning mine wastes into a resource:
•    Waste rock: Can be reprocessed to extract minerals and metals, used as backfill, landscaping material, aggregate in road construction, or feedstock for cement and concrete
•    Sulphur oxide emissions: Many smelters have installed acid plants to convert sulphur dioxide to sulphuric acid, a useful industrial chemical.

Waste management that is conducted well can be very effective to preserve the beauty of the nature. Those methods can be used to make the environment healthy and beautiful.

Summary: there are so many kinds of waste management method that can be used to preserve the environment, such as disposal, recycling and reduction.

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