The Process of Oil and Gas Mining from Underground

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Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Process of Oil and Gas Mining from Underground

The extraction of natural resources can be various kinds, such as coal, oil and gas mining. This process of extraction is basically the same way. They are taken from under the ground. However, every step is different. 

Oil and gas mining is one of the mining activities that give so many advantages and profit, but for them having no much knowledge in mining this good can be very difficult. 

The process of oil and gas mining
The process of oil and gas mining might be the same way with the coal mining, but in this process, there are three main steps;
1.    primary recovery
This process includes pressuring the underground to drive fluids to the surface. 
2.    secondary recovery
This part is collecting and separating the water and the oil that will be brought to the surface.
3.    enhanced recovery
This process is used to mobilize the remaining oil. This enhanced recovery will use a technique to bring as much as 60 percent of the reserve to the surface. 

Offshore platforms
Offshore platform is a structure or building that was built off the coast to support the process of exploration or exploitation of minerals. There are several distinct types of platforms and rigs:
•    Fixed Platforms, built on concrete and/or steel legs anchored directly to the seabed, supporting a deck with space for drilling rigs, production facilities and crew quarters.
•    Compliant Towers platforms, consist of narrow, flexible towers and a pile foundation supporting a conventional deck for drilling and production operations.
•    Semi-submersible Platforms, having legs of sufficient buoyancy to cause the structure to float, but of weight sufficient to keep the structure upright.

Those are other main processes of oil and gas mining in simple ways. However, the activity of this mining consist so many more complex techniques that can support the activity of natural resources extraction. 

Summary:  The extraction of natural resources such as oil and gas mining can through many ways and complex process, consisting of primary, secondary and enhanced recovery.

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