Giant Mobile Machine to Explore Gold Mines

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Monday, 10 November 2014

Giant Mobile Machine to Explore Gold Mines

Mobile machine to explore the gold mining giant has been developing air conditioning system for mining with the high quality and high component tasks special, especially to special duties like.

Strong vibration and shock hard routine for the system, because the system is characterized by the stability of the series a very nice gesture. Mining or primary production and processing of involve extreme conditions. Dust, dirt and high humidity are the characteristics of the strain in the implementation of the mining machine and because it is also to their AC components.

The giant mobile machine to explore gold mines is a great, serving hard work in the mines and in the sector of processing and primary. Tons of steels with high technology which was developed to produce day and night the raw material of the planet.

For mining companies, the availability the machine is an important criterion for success. Not only must get the machine ready for use 24 hours per day, air conditioning system for mining industries offers flexibility and individuality of required because their height level of in house production depth.

The heat exchanger for evaporators and condenser for example created in its own production. In the area of housing technology, especially durable material are produced, which is variable in the dimensions and properties, adapted to the needs of the cabin. Another step towards a 100% the operational safety equivalent two AC units independent of each other.

If one the system should fail, the other will continuous operation intact. All components be able to quickly exchanged without any problems with the plug in the system easily.

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